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Stainless Steel Tables with Cabinets
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Optimize your storage space with a stainless steel table with cabinets! Sliding cabinet doors let you easily conceal your favorite appliances and kitchen tools, so you can make the most of your kitchen space without sacrificing aesthetics. Many of our stainless steel tables with cabinets come with additional features, such as backsplashes and optional caster wheels, for the ultimate in design and functionality. Browse our full collection of stainless steel tables with cabinets below, and click on the thumbnails for more product details. Enjoy!

For home and commercial kitchens, stainless steel work tables provide a durable working surface that is well-suited to a wide variety of food preparation tasks. Rugged and sturdy, these tables can also be used outside of the kitchen in home workrooms and commercial shops, medical settings and numerous other locales.

In addition to providing the ideal working surface for an array of tasks, stainless steel tables can also help you to get your space more organized through the addition of cabinets. Cabinets use the otherwise wasted space beneath your tabletop to provide storage room for larger items. You can use the space to store the items you'll frequently need to use at the table or to lessen the clutter and crowding in your cabinetry.

The demand for tables made from steel with cabinets for both home and commercial use is great and continues to grow each year as more and more people seek to create functional working spaces in their homes and businesses. In response, manufacturers are always introducing new styles of tables with cabinets to meet the growing demand.

If the large number of styles available feels overwhelming, our Buyers' Guide to Stainless Steel Tables with Cabinets is for you. We created this guide to help you explore all of the options available in table styles. By reading through the guide, you’ll develop a clear picture of the best table for your home or business. Read through the guide once from start to finish and then bookmark it in case you need a refresher.

Considering Your Storage Needs

If you already know that you need a table with cabinets for your space, storage is likely at the forefront of your thoughts. There are a variety of cabinet styles to choose from in today's table styles, so it is important that before you begin to shop, you take time to consider precisely what your storage needs are. Doing so will make it easier for you to determine the style of cabinets that is best for you and allow you to quickly narrow your focus to a small number of table models. To help you get thinking about your storage needs, we'll guide you through some questions to consider.

To get started, think about how permanent the storage needs to be. Are you looking for an area to keep things just while you're working, or do you want to keep items in your table all the time?

Next, think about what you will be using your table for. Will it be for specific tasks like butchering, prep work, mixing or pasta-making? What equipment do you use for those jobs? Does it make sense to keep those items at the table?

Another aspect to consider is the current storage situation in your kitchen. How crowded are your cabinets? Do you have difficulty getting to certain items due to your current storage set up? For example, if you have to keep your pots and pans stacked up inside of your cabinets, how much time do you waste shifting items to access and separate them to get the one piece you need?

After you have thought about what items you might like to store, make a list and determine which items are the largest. It is a good idea to measure them to ensure that your table will be tall and wide enough to accommodate them if they are very large.

Lastly, take some time to think about how you prefer to work and the set up of your kitchen. Does having to step away from the table to access items interrupt your focus? Do you like to grab things as you go or get everything that you need before you start working? How important is it to you that the items you store are not visible? Is the table in an area where you receive guests or is it in a commercial kitchen or home space where visibility is not an issue?

Types of Cabinets

Now that you have fully examined your storage needs, working habits and aesthetic preferences, you're ready to begin thinking specifically about tables with cabinets. A great starting place is determining the type of cabinet that will work best based on your personal preferences. There are four main styles of cabinets available in today's lineups, each of which has some specific pros and cons.
  • Open enclosures
    The open enclosure style is something of a hybrid between a shelf and a cabinet. The enclosure is an open space beneath the tabletop that is tall like a cabinet and has sides to prevent items from slipping onto the floor.

    • Provide easy access to items without having to step away from the work surface
    • Have no coverings, making items even quicker to retrieve than other styles
    • Ideal for the temporary storage of tools, equipment and items while you cook to keep your work area neat and uncluttered

    • Open space does not hide stored items out of sight
    • Less common than other types of cabinet options

  • Hinged doors

    Hinged doors are stainless steel panels outfitted with metal hinges that allow them to swing open, so that you can access your stored items. Most tables that incorporate the storage type have two hinged doors beneath their tabletops.

    • Keep items hidden behind the their doors, making your kitchen appear neater
    • When in pairs, both hinged doors can be opened at the same time, giving you access to all of your items.
    • Widely available in a number of table styles

    • To access items stored in hinged cabinets, you must step back from the table
    • Must be closed before returning to work to keep access to the worktop completely free

  • Sliding doors
    Sliding doors are mounted with small casters that slide along a metal track, allowing them to shift from the right to the left and vice versa, rather than opening outward. Like hinged doors, sliding doors come in pairs.

    • Keep items hidden behind the their doors, making your kitchen appear neater
    • Allow you to access items without having to step away from the table
    • Can be left open while you work
    • Widely available in a number of table styles

    • Can only be opened one at a time so to access one cabinet, you must slide the door over the other one. This makes only half of your stored items available
    • Have a metal track that may require lubrication over the years to keep the casters from sticking

  • Hatch doors
    Hatch doors are mounted on hinges and open upwards rather than out. The doors typically lock in place once lifted or can be lowered immediately if you prefer. Most tables have just one hatch door.

    • Keep items hidden behind the their doors, making your kitchen appear neater
    • Allow you to access items without having to step away from the work table
    • Can be left open while you work

    • Because of the open hatch, you cannot reach straight down to access items and must grab them from the side
    • When left open, require you to stand back slightly from the tabletop if you need to work directly in front of their doors
    • Less common than other types of cabinet options

Other Storage

In addition to cabinets, some stainless steel work tables offer additional storage options that can be beneficial, depending on what you have to store. The most common additional storage element is drawers, which are compartments that roll in and out of the table thanks to casters. Drawers are ideal for storing smaller items that could easily become lost among your other stored equipment and tools inside of a cabinet.

Tables with cabinets typically feature either two drawers placed side by side below the worktop or a stack of three drawers set off to the side. Two-drawer styles allow the cabinets to be the full length of the table and make it easy to access things without having to bend. Three-drawer styles are ideal if you have a lot of small items to store and fewer large ones.

Other Considerations

Once you have determined what type of cabinet is best for your work space or kitchen, there are a few other stylistic elements that you should consider.

In some commercial kitchens, health codes will require you to have a backsplash, a vertical panel that extends upward from the back of the tabletop to protect the walls. Even if you are not required to have a backsplash, you may wish to select a style that includes one to make cleanup easier after messy tasks.

Sidesplashes are another feature found in a small number of stainless steel table styles. These panels extend above the sides and join the backsplash to create a frame around your tabletop. The sidesplashes keep liquids from dripping onto the floors and equipment from falling off as you work.

If you will need to move your table frequently, consider styles that have locking metal casters. These rolling wheels make it easy to keep your table in another area and move it when it's time to work. Casters are also beneficial for shifting the table to access electrical outlets or to clean the floors.